Monday, March 16, 2009

Let's get this party started

Asalamu Alaikum

This weekend I attended a Mawlid-al Nabi party. Yes, I said party not observance. An observance would be people sitting around reading Qur'an all day. A party,however, is not exactly the complete opposite. There was still Qur'an recitation and the men and women were in opposite sides of the room.

Then when the Qur'anic 'singing' and the clapping wooden instruments came out, let's just say I was the life of the party.

Kidding! I was in the other corner of the restaurant (oh right, this was in an Indian restuarant, Second floor) with the other kids ages: college level and down. There was a t.v so they were happily entertained with Basketball and Spongebob so I was chatting with my friends for the next 6 hours. Of course, we women never get tired of talking :D

But I could never be constrained into a little area for so long (I think I have a mild case of ADHD every now and then)so we all went across the street to Jack in the Box, bought nothing -our parents didn't give us any money, too busy dancing-, and came back in.

Now I do not condone dancing and singing for the Prophet (saw) because I don't think he celebrated his own birthday and it might lead to Shirk. The adults weren't praying to the prophet, just for him. If there wasn't any food and the promise of a new outfit, I probably would've stayed home watching "The Real World". Don't worry I'm not won over THAT easily >.> Got food and new shoes?

Well there's my post now back I say, back!


Muslimah2Muslimah said...

I agree about the whole Mawlid "partying" and whether or not it is okay. Personally, praising and remembering the Prophet (saw) could never be a bad thing... I mean, let's face it. The are alot worse that you COULD'VE been doing. So, when it comes to that, I think you did quite well for yourself, Alhamdulillah! Allah knows best and we are judged also by our efforts, little sis!


ModestJustice said...

Jazaki'allah khair :D

True, the boys and girls could have been dancing to songs about the Prophet (irony much?) But nah, the girls were on child duty.

Lisa said...

Sounds like someone had to watch the kids, and it also helps your deen to all come together. Sad to hear you didn't at least get a Jack in the Box milkshake-would have made this all worthwhile. Love you!

ModestJustice said...

Rambunctious bunch of rascals but I did have a nice time. And now I'm hungry for a milkshake!
Take care sister :]

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

lool looks lyk am nt de only somali hu disapeared from blogsphere
(talks asif we r nt de only somaliz here in the first place)
soo anyhu
wats up sista
ima go chek ur private blog
nd nayaa cum by my blog tho i nvr post bt love seein ur lovely face around
btw i was gng 2 go 2 a mawlid party bt it was CANCELLED
silly somaliz cnt decide on nuthin *rollseyes*

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