Saturday, March 28, 2009

I can slam dunk all over you

God has delivered me from boredom this weekend!

Instead of writing a complaining post I can actually talk about something interesting in my life! (My life is very boring)

Remember the Luncheon? It was a success alhamdulillah, and insha'allah we'll be planning more in the future with even more high school msa's.

As usual, I got there an hour late (Muslim Standard Time anyone?!)and the boy:girl ratio was roughly 1:10, that's pathetic ladies and gentlemen. I mean I'm not for excessive mixing (keyword excessive) but come on, where do all of the young muslim men go now a days? Most likely the mall or wherever else their parents let them get away with.

We had rice(briyani, bariis, whatever you want to call it), ice cream, chicken sandwiches, all halal! :DDDDD

Now the two groups were evenly dispersed with Sunnis and Shiites and although everyone hates stating what 'sect' they follow it's inevitable. I follow what I know is the right way, you follow what you know is the right way. Although most Sunnis would interject here with a "what you THINK is the right way". I'm a Sunni by the way and love all of my Muslim brethren and sistren.

Enough of Friday, TODAY I attended what I thought would be a nice sister gathering.

It was a sister gathering, but when I imagined quran reading and kumbaya around a crackling fire turned out to be a partay. We all danced to Indian, Arab and Somali music. Belly dancing ring a bell?

(Niiko is for you Naz) I loved the different ethnic backgrounds of each sister and how we all had one unifying belief.

The evening ended with a trip to the mosque and an all girls' basketball game in the dark. I suggest you try that one day and see how it feels when all the girls look the same in abayat.

Alhamdulillah for such a great weekend! Too bad tomorrow is work day and I have to do homework and other boring school-related activities.

Good Night Ladies


Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

HAHAHAA omg how do you differentiate your team members with all the sisters looking alike in abayahs?:P lol sounds like alot of fun!

Bless you!! <3


Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

contrary 2 my somaliness
i belly dance
bt yh
i do the niiko 2 bt i think its a lil 2 slutty
ahem ahem
lol dnt wry ill do it 4 ur weddin
crazy mali 4rm blogsphere shakin tht ass 4 u ;p
am glad u had a great weekend
myn was alryt *yh ryt* ;P

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...


Sonia said...

LOLz at playing basketball at night with girls in Abayas...........

Glad you had some good time!

ModestJustice said...

Dude I just signed on with my real name ._.;


A'qilah-We screamed each others names out and some people got hurt >.>

Naz-Niiko is a bit slutty but I'm still hiring you for my wedding!
I can't seem to get belly dancing right ._.;

Sonia: That was a doozy. But thank you I had an amazing time, I hope your having fun in the non-blogging world too :D

Anonymous said...

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