Thursday, March 19, 2009

Slap me silly, or call me Bill

I've been floating by this week, amazingly. It's a routine.

Wake, dress, school, home, sleep, wake, dress, school, home, sleep, wake... and on and on and on


Then the weekend will fly by with nothing special besides the Masjid or visiting a relative and it'll all go back to wake, dress, school ,home.... GRRR

Now I don't want to grow up too quickly, but if I had just a tiny bit of glamour in my life it'll be nice. However, alhamdulillah to all I have now.

But if I had a job .....

I could buy all the things I want (aren't I the little materialist)and maybe get extended hours of 'hanging' outside of the household.

I mean, my social life exists only at school and the internet (with said school friends) and then reading all these -fabulous- blogs about their -exciting when compared to mine- lives' makes me feel all boring.

Maybe I am boring

Plus, I think I have gerascophobia (look it up)

Should I be a psychotherapist to the Amish?

Okay see why I feel totally ADHD, I can't keep my thoughts straight. Plus I'm half asleep when I should be finishing this play for English.

Enough ramblings, I should head to bed or eat or do something.

Damn, life is boring


Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

make tea, sit in front of the tv and laugh your heart out watching cartoons. pick a day and do that. we all need a break :) and today you need it <3


ModestJustice said...

I did just that!
Except it was with breakfast in front of my upstairs television watching some DvDs from the library.
Thanks for the advice habibti :]

Anonymous said...

salam aleykoum

come on u are young u are living in america how could u be borned ?

i am kidding i know boredom kills and no matter where u live or how old u are it affects us all

take care

ModestJustice said...

Wa Alaikum Wa Salam
Lol, I could be mucho bored when one has strict parents like mine

Affects us all indeed @.@

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