Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I'm pointing to the girl on the far right- Toltu Tufa! (Girl in green hijab and jean jacket)

I am in love with her hijab style and have been looking for how to tie it without revealing my neck.

(closer look here)

Obviously, I haven't come up with any ways dangnabit!

So if anyone of you, darling viewers, would like to help me figure out how to wrap my hijab this way I can guarantee you $1000 dollars! -cough-monopolymoney-cough
And my immense gratitude :D

So.. will ya do it?


Sonia said...

Aww, here is the tutorial link. I did wear my hijab like this the other day, but its not for me. I hope you'll like it.

ModestJustice said...

Shall I send you the money by PayPal or snailmail? *delivery not insured*

Eeeeeeeeeee :D Now I need to go buy some more hijab pins because I lost half of my collection in my room...

Funny, I've always seen this lady's videos pop up but never bothered to watch them.

Empress Anisa said...

You're too cute, Mama... monopoly money- lol

Desert-Veil said...

Monopoly money :o) Too cute! Even though I don't technically consider that far lefter "hijab" because it's showing WAY more of the neck then I would ever want to, plus that jacket is open and that shirt is WAY to tight. But I'm totally digging the sister on the far left. I want that Abayah! So if you can help me find that sis, you can keep the monopoly money and I will send many hugs :o)

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

I love that hijab style tooooooo!
Hey, Sis send me that $1k me need some cold hard monopoly cash (LOSING THE GAME) looool ;)
(I accept cheque hahahahah)


Sonia said...

LOL!!! Funny girl! "Show me tha MONEY!" hehehe

ModestJustice said...

EmpressAnisa: Haha thank you c:

Desert-Veil: Really? I don't see much neck unless the chin counts, BUT I can help you with that abayah. It's actually a maxi dress ;D Worn very loosely with a long hijab to cover ze chest area and bam it looks like an abayah ta-da! Now I demand hugs :]

A'qilah: -puts on the Godfather voice- You are askin me to do a favor for you, vhat do I get in return?
jk, I'll write the check out to Safeer and Zaara for their engagement okay? xD

Sonia: hahaha

Nur said...

Wa aleykum selam! :)
thanks for your comment...
your blog is very nicee!
My masjid looks big in the pic... but isnt so much...
its beautiful!
but its necessary other thing inside of it....more love between brothers!
i'm happy to know about you!
take care a lot sister....
Cya soon

malekat_el7oriya said...

oooooooh! that picture is so cute! def. in LOVE with the girl in the far right I'm stealing that outfit for eid lol!! :P

ModestJustice said...

Nur: Thank you :D And your masjid is extremely beautiful! Fi Amanillah :]

Malekat: RIGHT?! I think that outfit is totally cute but if I don't figure out an easier style method-! (sorry Sonia that Egyptian lady's style can't run with pashmina fabric... or can it?) I'll burst from frustration

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

where is she from?
random question
she has an intrestin name
dunno yh tht hijab style looks amazin bt nt so islamic
stik 2 normal shaila way of dng things
my sis wears it lyk tht tho nd all my cuzins nd every1 :S

ModestJustice said...

yo yo yo Naz,
I have no idea what she is but she's very beautiful! And how is not islamic? Her neck, ears and whatever else is needed is covered. I'm sure if she wore a looser outfit it'd be perfect!

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