Saturday, February 7, 2009

"So as I-" -eyes glaze over- "Ugh, nevermind"

You know when you talk to certain people, guys particularly, and after addressing the issue and begin to discuss something else you can see the eyes glazing over and further contact is pointless/meaningless?

I hate that.

It isn't limited to colleagues either. No, it happens in the place where I'm supposed to be loved and listened to most. Sorry not Disneyland but my very own home.

Whenever I bring a topic to my Dad and seek his blessings (a.k.a permission to go or his 'insight') that's basically where the attentiveness ends. After, if I bring up the weather or something, he usually turns his head to whatever he was previously doing. He says his listening but I'm sure he isn't. Same thing with my older brother. I remember talking to a guy in one of my classes, I brought this up. You know what he said? I'll tell you what he said! "Well duh, guys only listen to a girl when they're in love with them." Which so isn't true! Of course I don't want any of them to be 'in love' with me, but who hasn't seen a chick flick. The guys are inattentive jerks, not that I base my perceptions of men on chick flicks, they're supposed to be like that.

But it's completely frustrating so I decide to not talk to guys at all! I shouldn't have been speaking with them in the first place and now I know why. They're complete idiots. (No offense to you married ladies) Now if I have any problem with school I just go straight to my friends. Who are all girls. We love to talk right? And we always listen to one another no matter what nonsense we're spouting.It's pretty fun.

Lesson in life:
Never speak to guys, they're a bunch of ADHD Xbox loving losers.

However, that doesn't mean I'll live the rest of my life feeding 27 cats and watching "Days of Our Lives"

-Modest Justice


Sonia said...

Assalam alaikum,

Aww, not all guys are inattentive jerks. Go ahead and don't be shy to demand the attention. When you see them drifting away, say "Can you please pay attention, I'm trying to save the world here" jk. But on a serious note, guys don't have enough attention span to keep listening, so make it short and precise and cut out the details, then you'll get the answer you need.

ModestJustice said...

Wa Aalikum wa Salam,

Ha, I'll keep this in mind every time I speak to a do- guy. I mean yeah there are some guys who do listen to everything I say and are not just doing so to hit on me.
I appreciate it dudes, I appreciate it.

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