Tuesday, February 17, 2009

25 things about moi

If you don't feel like reading this loonnngg post I'll get the taggings over with already:
I tag African American Honey,
A'qilah ,
& Malekat
Now you people, I command you to do this! :D

I've done the favorite things before but I was tagged graciously by my sista Naz over at Naz and A'qilah's blog

This time it's 25 things and for the rules you have to tag 5 people

Okie dok let's get this started ^_^

1) By the way, I'm not a very interesting person, at least that's what I think, and used to say "I'm bored" every 10 minutes until I realized I was a boring person. Hopefully that isn't the case nowadays.

2) Oh look I managed to say 1 thing about me :D I'm on a roll. Okay soooo I made a blog in November because like all things Google I had to have one. Now I actually update my blog because I like to think the world really does care about my opinion

3) I'm the 2nd child, oldest daughter, in a family of 4.

4) My parents met in the crazy 80s where tacky sweaters and mini-skirts were the shizz. Not a great picture. They weren't really 'practicing' muslims until a decade ago and were very lax parental units.

5) I have an unusual interest in Victorian era gowns and even made a sketch of a prom outfit made in such a style. Sue me, I'm a loser

6) I want to get better at knitting but each time I renew my interest, I stop because it takes a long time to make a darn scarf. Grr!

7) Wow, 6 things already? Uhh, I'm a blurker/commentor and probably read a bunch of blogs while following only half of them. Don't worry they aren't bad -shiver-

8) Whenever I try to make conversation my tongue gets tied and I usually end up babbling incoherent nonsense. I find that very hard and would rather remain silent. Oddly, this has started happening this year. Before I could talk a mile a minute. Weirdd.

9) Before figuring out singing in public was haram (9th grade, tough year) I had already performed in my middle school's talent show and was about to take Choir as an elective the following year.

10) HOW MUCH DO YOU WANT TO KNOW? Nosy thing, okay uhh I refused to do this on Facebook and now you know why.

11) If I get one more spam email from foreign men in India and South Africa, I swear I'll...

12)I would love to attend a wedding but I'm banned because my mother doesn't like all of the bad influences there. I mean I never said I'd take off my hijab but then again, I don't want guys ogling me either.

13) SO one time someone asked me if I've ever online flirted... awkward. Who does that? All I can imagine is a conversation filled with ;) ;) ;) and innuendos. How disturbing.

14) I'm a ditz sometimes, and it's totally not on purpose. But being born in California makes you adopt a slight valley girl accent at times. It's freaky.

15) I faked talking to Britney Spears on the phone once and my siblings believed me. HAHA

16) Speaking of that psycho, did you know her latest song "Womanizer" she repeats that stupid word 'Womanizer' 44 times?! All the while hypocritically wiggling around in the nude in some sauna.

17) Okay so that one wasn't about me but still, you got guts for actually reading up to here, let me personally thank you....

Thank you :]

18) Deep down, underneath the layers of hijab fabric and laziness and greed and boredom lies a competitive streak. I'm competitive over everything and although I don't show it (do I?) I always want to succeed even at slightest things. I.e, finishing an assignment first so I can receive extra credit. Studying harder to get the best grades, silently competing against the other french students to get the best grades, sweating like a pig so my team could win in basketball (again, will never work out in the big leagues, this is only P.E c: )

19) Sibling rivalry is evident, but sometimes even I hold my tongue back because I get too bossy. I mean who likes a whiny older sister? I sometimes seem pushy and overbearing and might shove my opinion down your throat. Sorry little bro and sis oh and you too big brother.

20) I abhor dish washing and will get out of doing it whenever I can. It's disgusting in my opinion and think the dishwasher is God's answer to unidentifiable food crusts and pruny/dry hands.

21) Thank God I'm nearly done. Uhh the downstairs clock in the dining room is one hour ahead and no one cares to fix it. Me included.

22) I love to write and made a novel when I was 12 >.> It's a remake of Cinderella ( I've always wanted to be a Disney Princess but the only one who even resembled or had the same background as me -sort of- was Jasmine and I didn't like how she dressed)and since my computer had a virus the document version of it is gone but luckily it's on my e-mail and printed copy. I've never told anyone about my poems and don't intend to

23) Contrary to what others' think, I do care what they have to say and am a great listener. I may not seem like I'm listening but I'll remember what you said and might give great advice -sniff- if I do say so myself. But I will never concede to be a pushover

24) Learned to curse at age 9, it's a work in progress

25) Okay so the two songs that have been continuously playing in my house for the past week (astagfurillah but I will seriously break those computer screens) have been "Womanizer", thanks sis, and "I'm on a boat" damn you SNL!
-shakes angry fist-

YAY I'M DONE! Okay so now I'm sure those of you in the blogging world who actually care about these kind of things know more about me. If you track me down I'll be ready with a gallon of chlorine and a shotgun

"I'm on a boat aanndd it's going fast anndd I've a nautical themed pashmina afghan!"


Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

Sister, I tagged you before Naz tagged me LOL :p
My 25 things are over on here and the hereafter but if you wish for me to state another 25 things by all means I will insy'Allah :)


OMG I HATE BRITNEY SPEARS! LOOOOL My cousin keeps singing that stupid womanizer song to me. LOLOLOL. i think she's better off a stripper LOL ;p

Sis you're such a joker! Love you fisabilillah! :)

-A'qilah :)-

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

*before Naz tagged you

Sonia said...

Aww...Thanks for the tag! But you have to explain me what exactly I have to do now, I'm afraid I fell behind while being a parent...need to catch up to 21st century

ModestJustice said...

A'qilah: *high fives*
Darn you! I left you a comment on your very special twenty five things list :D Whether you'd like too or not I know now much more about you >D
Look outside your window >>

Sonia: You are extremely welcome xD And I shall explain! Well if you'd like to you can write on your blog a post on 25 things about you :] You don't have to divulge personal information (Social Security # hehe) and after you're done you can tag 5 other people (preferably not the one who tagged you because I happen to be empty of other 25 things to think about -cough-)

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