Friday, February 13, 2009


Baby, what happened? I used to love your movies, but now they're trash!

Bollywood vs Hollywood
"The principal difference between American and Indian commercial cinema is that Indian films usually feature periodic song-and-dance routines which, in a good movie, are expected to move the story forward (in mediocre movies, they are poorly integrated into the story). Songs are sung by professional play-back singers and lip-synched by dancing actors and actresses.

Indian commercial films, in whatever regional center they are made, tend to be long; they are usually two to three hours long, with an intermission. They tend to be melodramatic and sentimental, but may also feature romance, comedy, action, suspense, and other generic elements. "

Indian Cinema, is continuously criticized, for its lack of creativity and its over usage of the same plot line. Movies like Kaho Naa Pyar Hai one of Indian Cinema`s biggest hits, had a storyline which was used for generations. Critics also point out that almost every Drama film in India, is mainly centered around family, and that each of there dramas are extremely similar to those of soap operas.

Ain't that the truth, but I still love watching them!

"The major criticism however is that Indian Cinema, gives no leverage to new directors, or actors. Most who are given the chance, have to mold out of their conventional styles, and have to transform to the thoughts of the producers, who don`t care for the artistic aspect of films, but more for the commercial aspect of it, hence the introduction of Item Numbers, and skimpily clad women. Indian Cinema is at its lowest level at the moment, and even though a few are trying to lift it up, it will take the entire consensus of both the Audiences and the producers, to make Indian Cinema on par with those like the American, British, French, Chinese or Iranian films, which are widely credited to be the best in both art as well as in commercialism."

That hits the nail on the head. The reason why I don't enjoy Indian films like I used to oh so many years ago, is the westernization of the films. Do I honestly watch Indian movies just so I could see the same kissing scenes like that of many American films? Of course not! I love Indian culture and the way the had this chaste form of 'love', it showed that you didn't have to make out in the backseat of a car to show the audience you're in love. Sure the whole neck hugging thing was weird, and the plot was always the same, but they had culture!

However, Bollywood is starting to fall from my good graces, for it's like of plot and cheesy hits. Ugly aur Pagli was really stupid and nothing at all compared to Black (Indian Helen Keller) or the Golden 90s with actresses such as Madhuri Dixit, Kajol or Krishna Kapoor. These days, there are so many new actresses with sucky films, I don't bother to learn their names. Mallika Sherawat got nothin on them!

New things such as 'sex' scenes, and Item girls really make me hate Hindi films these days. Nowadays, I usually watch Iranian films or lesser known tamil films.

If I wanted some cheap American film -yes bollywood I'm equating your movies to that- then I could just go the local Century theaters and see some stupid movie there!

-Modest Justice


Sonia said...

I agree with you! I think the last decent Hindi movie I've watched was Veer Zaara, because it was more modest than everything else that's been coming out lately. I quit cold turkey! Nowadays I rarely watch movies, but if I do it has to be something off beat. I watched Slumdog Millionaire when it was playing in a small indie films theater before it caught all the media attention and got nominated for boatload of awards. I saw a poster for one of the films at the grocery store the other day and there was a girl clad in bikini posing with 2 other guys with guns. Where are the morals, where are the feel-good plots and catchy songs? Even the lowest Hollywood movies won't go as low as Bollywood have been lately. Eeek!

ModestJustice said...

Man, my mom loves Veer-Zaara, my little cousin is named Zaara!

And I wanted to watch Slumdog Millionaire, it isn't everyday an indian movie gets to see the Big American screen.

Shame Bollywood, shame! -sigh-

Anonymous said...

I've stopped watching movies. All of them have to have some nasty thing in them. But there are some few decent tamil movies. Like Santosh Subramanian, which is really a cute movie. I watched it when it was released way back last yr.

I don't even like watching TV because it's like ur watching an innocent documentary on wildlife when all over a sudden comes a shaving machine ad with a male sporting his muscular torso. Oh, my eyes, my poor eyes!

In this age, it's better we stick to animations - but even those are getting worse. I guess we have to watch old is gold movies now. But I'm so disgusted I'd rather not bother watching any movies. Hey, that rhymes.
Help us to follow the Straight Path, ya Allah!

Empress Anisa said...

Yeah, like you said, most movies are total trash now- I just to LOVE to watch them but all the nakedness and sex is a real turn off. The last decent one I've seen was Kajol's U, Me Aur Hum- which was a good love story featuring her and her hubby. And I like to watch Fanaa over and over- good story.

ModestJustice said...

Sumiya: I understand all too well. And animations ARE getting worse! Ever heard of Total Drama Island? A'outhobillah

Anisa: Ironically, Fanaa was where I saw the first sex scene ._.; Not the greatest thing in the world. And Kajol has another movie with Ajay? I love Kajol :]

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

I second that sis! WAllahi, Bollywood directors are ruining the essence of indian movies and are turning them to cheap american movies. That is why tend to turn to Tamil movies now. Some of them are westernized but they still portray the culture and essence like how they always have.
Bollywood is a complete turn off now.
Though so, I've caught several good Hindi movies recently. Try Ghajini and Rab Ne bana Di Jodi :)

A'qilah :)

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