Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day


Now this is definitely a commercialized holiday. Besides the fact that it is unIslamic, why would you want to celebrate your loved ones only ONCE a year? Being the greedy person I secretly am, I refuse to spend $3 for a V-Day gram for my friends, but the real excuse I say is: "It's against my religion" They still buy me something but don't expect a rose back.

Shouldn't everyday be love day (or something to that effect)? Why conform with mainstream society on a pointless holiday. I mean, now I can't go to the mall because PDA is going to be everywhere! Darn you, you disgusting couples! I try not to gag while eating my popcorn in the theaters.

Heck, I even found this Anti-Valentine's day poem hilarious:

"Hearts and roses and kisses galore
What the hell is all that s**t for?
People get mushy and start acting queer.
It is definitely the most annoying day of the year".

Hahaha! But most people around the world are rejecting these kind of over-done, materialistic, lonely holidays.

Not to say I'm lonely

Or that I'm taken

Nor am I advertising my singleness on the web

Sorry, not looking.

Moving on, I propose we go back to the olden days. Where the guy and girl court with a chaperone. You know, the girl has her nicest bonnet on -but no sequins!- and they go for a nice carriage ride while the guy feeds the horse carrots. Maybe they'll go to a petting zoo afterwards! All the while being followed by their Mother, Father, Auntie and other irrelevant adults.
But no flirting!
It'll be like the haram police took over this holiday.

Anywho, time to throw away my gelatin-filled chocolate box and wilted rose.

Then I shall immerse myself into the 80s film "Pretty in Pink" while crying into a bucket of Ben & Jerry's ice cream and singing "My Heart will go on"


-Sarcasm, Modest Justice


Anonymous said...

Wow, staying locked up and home and not even switching on the TV once, I missed all the V-Day buzz. That was the best thing for me.

I used to gag in high sch when ppl used to buy roses and cakes for each other. The worst was when V-Day was made a non-uniform day. I'd just faint seeing many poor girls in short pink skirts revealing their waxed legs for all predators. I went in uniform. And I didn't get roses from acne-faced losers.

Go muslimahs!

ModestJustice said...

It amazes me to see how girls can pull of short skirts in the morning. Cold, much?

Same thing with Birthdays for me, the gagging, or it might be pent up jealousy for my lazy friends not having bought me balloons to show off. Cake just wasn't enough.

Enough of my greed, Go Muslimahs!

Sonia said...


I hate V-Day!!! Thanks to the stupid TV, my toddlers learned the word Valentines Day and they got an earful from me about this stupid "holiday". But it is so hard to sink in Muslim holidays and values in the kids before they are bombarded with the Western ideologies. As a mother it is frustrating. Although my oldest toddler is 3, I'm beginning to consider to send her to Quran classes.

ModestJustice said...

Sonia: Take the chance while you have it! I was sent to numerous Sunday Schools when I was 9.

Let's just say I've never finished the Qur'an. Insha'allah, send her now and to a good Islamic teacher, so she can learn by the time she's 6 or 9!

Gosh, the T.V is certainly the devil incarnate. But with the fear of Western ideologies in your children's impressionable minds, take it from a girl who learned to love Disney Channel and Myspace as a best friend. It's everywhere.

My mom had this weird philosophy. "Expose them to the culture now, so that they won't go looking for it later." Meaning, I could watch any channel I wanted but my parents still worked in to bring their values and Islamic values to me. I could go to the movies with my friends, (in hijab of course). Nothing was beyond my scope. The only fear I had was, what if I wasn't as religious? What if I didn't wear the hijab and manipulated my mother's philosophy to do whatever the hell I wanted? So with children, it's better to be moderate in everything (I'm sure you've heard this before). Don't completely bar your children from having non-muslim friends or the internet or t.v They'll only look for all these bad things later. One of my friend's isn't even allowed to join a sport or attend a university (only a state uni close to home) therefore, whenever there's a mixed gender event she knows her mother won't attend, she'll do everything possible to look pretty. Including taking off her hijab.

Forbidding your children from everything and letting them do everything will only lead them astray. But everything's up to Allah swt ^_^

Sonia said...

Aww, thanks for the advise. I know how it feels to grow up in a too-liberal home. I just want to give them the foundation, and pray to Allah that he provides them with good judgement. I always thought that mind was like a wall, throw at it some mud, if it sticks than great, if not it needs to be reinforced :)

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

my mum has the same ideology as you
we was allowed to wear pants no hijab
wtch wteva we wnted
bt there were SUM BOUNDARIES no alcohol (didnt wnt any) or pork (nope non of tht) etc
den i figured im a muslim its my religion im nt ashamed of it i love it
therefore ima follow it
simple as :)
btw yh valentines day is christian roman religious weird stuff
i gt roses :S

ModestJustice said...

Sonia: No need to follow it hehe, I read over it again and hopefully I didn't try to push any of my opinions down your throat or tell you how to parent @.@ I'm not even married! I'm sure you're a great parent and know how to handle your kids :D

Naz: Naya, we have much more in common! Haha I got a cute bottle of stars from my friends lol

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