Monday, August 24, 2009

Let's avoid responsiblity together!

Tomorrow marks the beginning of my return to the deathtrap formerly named school.


I mean it's not the whole 'education' thing I'm being lazy about (well, partly) but just the monotony of it all.

This will mark my third year in high school and although seniors are supposed to get
senioritis, I feel like I'm getting a milder form of junioritis (no link because I don't think it exists)

Junior year is supposedly the toughest year, where students take the most
AP classes and we have to take the SATs or ACTs

I'm only taking two APs this year (English and United States History) and my other 4 classes should be relatively, uh, easy but still challenging... if that makes sense
-Math Analysis
-French 3 (tu es une pamplemousse?)
-Drama (we need one performing arts but luckily my misadventure buddy is there!)
-Journalism (

As you can see I'm not taking a science this year, but that's because, technically, I'm already a year ahead in science for most students, so I already took Chemistry. The next step would have been Physics, but the majority of my peers are taking it Senior year so I might as well (look peer pressure in action!) I was going to take physiology like the rest of them since it 'helps' if you want to be a doctor.

But even though I decided
I wasn't Now I'm thinking I could/should (my parents won't accept anything less than a Doctor), plus a look at CNN really turned me off the whole idea (remember what they've been covering for the past 3 months?)

I don't know, I'm young, I have time to make major decisions such as these.

Doctor? Baker? Candlestick maker?!

We'll see for now

(Ramadan Related posts won't be posted often seeing as the major saturation of ramadan posts in the blogosphere :D If you want your ramadan fix, go look at my blog reader thingy at the side and look at someone else's!)

1 comment:

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

Your parents and my parents are of the same world. the want nothing else lesser than doctors/lawyers or even teachers (because apparently, teaching is reputable here) but i've spoken to them and fo sho doctors are outta list. i dont know abt lawyers though. Sigh. it's not just peer pressure; it's parent pressure too.

Don't worry hun, take your time and decide! InshaAllah Khayer :)
Or you could be a journalist and come over to Singapore and write up a report on me LOL


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