Sunday, August 2, 2009


I tried to take up knitting nearly two years ago.

It's just a hobby or a skill I wanted to learn because don't you feel a bit proud when you make your own scarf? (To wear around your neck lol I doubt it could fit around my head)

But the grey and black yarn is still in the back of my drawer and my knitting needles are gathering dust.

Grr, whenever I try to get back into, I lose a stitch and have to undo 10 entire rows -tear- so I just threw it in the back of my drawer. Hmm, I might take it out again to 'start' over.

And if I ever finish my scarf, I might tackle these things hehe:


Squid/Elephant/Hat thing? COOL

O-O; Is that a mask.. okay..

Oooh yeah, a custom knitted Spiderman suit!

Do you have a hobby that you're good at or love to do?


Maryam said...

Eating :)

That's my fav. hobby and I'm pretty darn good at it if I do say so myself.

Nikki said...

I taught myself to crochet last summer and I just love it! I made my son a blanket and my husband a scarf. Buuut, it's now thrown under the bed, lol, because the new project I started was supposed to look like a cupcake, but instead (currently) looks like a giant pair of underwear.

Not even kidding. Needless to say, I got frustrated and put it out of sight and out of mind. I'd like to start again, though.

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

I tried knitting for awhile too. I never did that well at it either. Lots of unfinished projects. I usually give it another try once it starts getting cold in the fall.

The only hobby that I can really keep up with is reading. Then again, I often don't finish books that I have started for a very long time. Other times I can't put a book down until I finish it. Just depends.

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

I'm with Maryam- Eating is my best attribute; well besides speaking that is LOL ;)

Awww knitting! Masha'Allah, my aunts used to knit alot. heehee


Skye said...

0oo id love to learn how to nit,the only needle and thread i can do is sewing something back together,but my grandma loves knitting,she makes scarfs and blankets...My hobby is of course nails hehehe i love painting my nails and nail art etc.

Safyiah said...

i like reading and cooking =)
for those who like to eat, we would be a good team: i cook and you eat, huh? xD
knitting seems cool. but i get bored at the beginning of learning it, dunno why =/
i like doing those african tied necklaces, bracelets, rings (etc), though

ModestJustice said...

Maryam: Haha! :D Same here

Nikki: I heard crochet was much easier than knitting! Aww, well now you can try again!

Stacy aka Fahiima: I'll probably be doing that too! And I love reading! Unless it's assigned reading... then I'm not too happy.

A'qilah: LOL but now I'm being compared to aunties? O: haha just kidding

Skye: And you're great at nail art! You're actually pretty fantastic :D

Safyiah: I wish I could cook (well, that is) but my mother never lets me near the stove (flashback: child sets paper towel on fire) hmmm, I never knew why... but knitting is very boring when you only focus on the knitting, if you multitask -like watching soaps on tv- then it gets interesting!

Safyiah said...

yeah, i listen/ watch lectures while sewing or something. but i don't know why, knitting is always difficult, lol. Maybe i just didn't find something i would really like to do by knitting, like a hat or something xD

Safyiah said...

wow, i said "something" a lot of times =/

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