Saturday, August 22, 2009

Beautiful Nasheed

This literally brings me to tears everytime I hear it masha'Allah!

So, 8 minutes till Maghraib, how was your first day of fasting? (Or how is it going, if you live somewhere west of California?)

I'm typing at the dinner table so all the food is in front of me at the moment.
(So close yet so far! But to be completely serious, I'm taking what
PerplxinTexan said to heart: "and when ramadan comes all people get is hunger" let us all try and benefit this ramadan!)

oO the adhan! Time to break my fast and I'm off to pray

May Allah swt keep us going strong this ramadan!


Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

Awww! Ahmed Bukhatir IS THE BEST! SubhanaAllah his Nasheeds are just FAB!

May Allah accept yr fasting this Ramadhan dearie :) Ameen!


Aisha_T M said...

Assalam aleikum Sister Modest Justice,

This is my first time on your blog and you are already making me salivate! *hint: cupcakes!* I'm fasting now Lol! I heard that song before I think! It's nice masha allah! Happy breaking fast (*,*)!! Mine is coming up soon as well... by the way, what did you eat for break fast? I think I'm gonna get some roasted chicken later hehhhe..

ModestJustice said...

A'qilah: Ameen!!I fell in love with this song when it was on someone's blog (forgot who) but I could listen to this for hours! And may Allah swt accept your fast and dua'as this ramdan too habibti! :D

Aisha_T M: Wa alaikum salam sister! Just doin my job (making people hungry and then angry because I'm ruining their diets hehe!) May Allah swt accept your fast!! And yes I was very happy breaking fast mmmmm :]
For breakfast I had some cereal, milk, crossaints and a bit of leftovers. Try not to stuff yourself but then again, don't think cereal will fill you up!!! :D

WhiteOrchid said...

beautiful nasheed.

Ramdan Kareem!

Muslimah Munira said...

Aww I well I had loads to drink , literally!

Annd I had some nice spaghetti .. although today I will have somethin more easier on the stomach ..

Perhaps some cereal .. Chocopops Rock Hmmm Jummy but you said it might not fill you in!

Perhaps I will take a leaf out of your book and have some CupCakes.. inspired by Modest Justice Muslimah ofcourse ooh and a nice cuppa hot chocolate Jumm :D

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