Monday, August 10, 2009

You guys don't like?

I thought the background post was cccuuuttte ^3^

But you guys think it sucks? -tear-


So tell me what you think of it? Hmm?

Decisions, Decisions...

What should I put on my list of must-haves for this school year?

I took out most of wardrobe because I felt it wasn't up to par with Hijab. I mean, I won't completely eliminate jeans, but wide legs should be the only ones I buy -Insha'Allah!-

So tell me what every hijabi should have in her closet please? :D

(Okay so that's two questions you guys should answer :D.... annndddd GO!)


Cecilia said...

wow I love this cupcake design!

.::Tuttie::. said...

the cupcake designs made me hungry. Now I'll get fat coming to your blog. So the verdict is Me like

ModestJustice said...

Yes!!Score one for ModestJustice's evil plan to make all of her follower's gain weight!
Uh I mean, yay! :D Glad you guys like.

malizea said...

I love your new template!! and concerning the clothes I think that having abaya and hijab of different colours is a must and different kind of pins!

Anonymous said...

same. i lurve the cupcakes. thanks for making me drool whenever i visit ur webpage. also, did u know i'm on a diet? thanks a bundle!

lol, i still lov u :)

Mina said...

Love it!

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

aaaaah i dnt knw hw 2 use this template where it only tells u half the stuff properly
cute bg nd colours tho so sweet

Muslimah Mia said...

Wow I thought I was on someone else's blog ha!

But yeah its cute, it actually made me think of food too :D

So yep sister I think maybe by some colourful abayas :D
ooh and colourful bags and accesories to go with it :D

Salaam Tralalaluurve <3

Anonymous said...

Please make the text size bigger.

ModestJustice said...

Aww I love you too Sukkar <3


Anyone?! Anyone?

I'm going to make my font bigger on my posts now anon, thanks! I thought it was a bit small too

Nikki said...

1) I loooove the cupcakes. I have a horrible sweet tooth and you're making me hungry. :)

2) I'm not an abaya wearer, myself. And it'd be too expensive for me to ditch my entire wardrobe for a new hijab friendly one. For me maxi skirts and 'boyfriend' cardigans (that's what they're called, I think because of their looser/longer fit) make a lot of the clothes I already have wearable with hijab. I also buy a lot of long (covers my bum) tank-top or short sleeved tunics (meant to be worn w/leggings probably) and wear them over a coordinating colored plain long sleeved top. I wear western style clothes because I'm an American. Becoming Muslim and dressing appropriately to me doesn't mean I have to ditch my culture, just the haram parts of it. (leggings, shorts, mini skirts) Some of my jeans are probably too tight, I cannot get rid of them all because I don't have the money to replace them, but from now on I will only buy wide leg or loose jeans.

ModestJustice said...

Nikki: Thank you thank you! (writes everything down) I mean, I'm not a fulltime abaya wearer myself!
"I wear western style clothes because I'm an American. Becoming Muslim and dressing appropriately to me doesn't mean I have to ditch my culture, just the haram parts of it." Story of my life.... thank you thank you thank you!! :D

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