Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Stargazing is so peaceful...


Not when you're with your family and your little brother is making shadow puppets with the flashlight on your left and your little sister is incessantly talking to you on your right.

But LOOK! Two meteors just passed by! :D

(Written on Wednesday 2 am)


Sarah Alaoui said...

SO JEALOUS, argh. I didn't see any when I was looking...granted I was lying down in my couch staring at a rectangular portion of the sky that wasn't hidden by the roof...but still.

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

i hpe it didnt hppen in london coz i didnt see anythin
nt tht u can see nythin 4rm all these lights
bt i saw tht it was meant 2 happen from google :S
ok salaamz

ModestJustice said...

Sarah: LOL, yeah the meteors seemed to be coming from the north to the south errr a small portion of the sky. Plus they took too long, which is why I only saw two then called it quits: a) it was cold and b) family, self-explainable lol

Naz: Light pollution? Same here! Plus I also saw it from google >.> hehe

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