Saturday, May 1, 2010

Heavy Duty Studying!

May 1st, 2010

So, like other bloggers in the blogosphere... I HAVE EXAMS COMING UP!

Actually, I just took my SAT IIs today T_T

And I just wasn't expecting the math portion to be so hard dang it. Although the U.S History part was a breeze.

Anyway, that wasn't the interesting part of my day. Afterwards, me and two of my friends went to Borders, a bookstore at the local Mall, and just studied...

for 6 hours.

Since we had upcoming AP US History, AP Calculus (them, not me lol) and AP English Language tests this week and the next week.


It was hilarious partly because of the people at the cafe part of the bookstore.

There was one man there who'd been snoring when we came in and proceeded to snore for the next two hours. Another guy there told us he'd been asleep for the past 4 hours... wow.

And then we'd take a free sample of coffee whenever the cashiers switched shifts, kekeke

hey, we're broke students, WE DESERVE SAMPLES! (okay not really, we were saving whatever money we had for lunch)

And at around 6:30 pm we STILL weren't done with the day.

We'd bought tickets to watch the adorable musical ANNIE for 7:30 pm and quickly went home, dropped all of our studying things and rushed over to the school.

It was extremely cute. I wish I'd taken pictures.

All in all, tiring day, but tomorrow... ALL OVER AGAIN!

(sans the Standardized testing and musical... just studying!)

I have a bunch of posts lined up but I'll probably post them later due to intense studying and sleep deprivation.


P.S I honestly can't wait until this school year is over. I've been working my butt off to get top grades since this is the report card that counts (thankfully I now have a 3.8 GPA again T_T I've missed it so much since freshman year)


Forever Learning said...

Im glad that I'm not the only one who suffers from sleep deprivation these days, that said though it will all be worth it in the end InshAllah!. I don't know much about the american school system but I'm sure you will pass and get into the university of your choice :D

-Forever Learning-

Shahirah Elaiza said...

Ah sleep? What's that? =P

All the best in your exams sis!

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

Haha i have exams too i spent my entire day studying what a fascinating life i lead
Good luck make dua 4 me
missed u

muslimah93 said...

you took the SATs?? How did it goo? Have you taken the ACTs too? =)

ModestJustice said...

Forever Learning: Insha'Allah! And oh how I miss sleep! I'm hoping for my school of choice, thank you for the well wishes! :D

Shahirah Elaiza: hahaha, thank you!

Naz: What a fascinating life we lead habibti! <3 And I made plenty of dua! I know you'll make it :D

ModestJustice said...

Oops, forgot to answer:
Muslimah93: Yes I did T.T But I'm retaking it in June because I don't feel I did well enough D:
I need to start studying for that as well! And no I'm not going to take the ACTs because I don't feel it's necessary :D

muslimah93 said...

Oh cool! So is SAT suppose to be easier? =)

ModestJustice said...

Well they're both pretty difficult if you don't study for it (like I did >.<) One focuses on math, reading and science (ACT) while the other is just math, reading and writing (SAT Is) but then you also have to take two subjects test on whatever subject you want (SAT IIs) on a later date. But it also depends on what college you want to go to, my choice takes either one so I just chose the SAT Is and SAT IIs because I hate science :)
Very complicated and a time-consumer -.-
The things we do for college!

muslimah93 said...

Ohhh! Jazakillah for informing mee! Xo. =)

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