Thursday, April 22, 2010

It.. wasn't.. awkward

April 22nd, 2010

So, I went to our scheduled anti-prom hoping for the worst (okay not really) ...and I was pleasantly surprised!

My friend who had 'disagreement's' with the invited friend was totally civil.

If anything, I didn't feel any awkwardness.


So I wake up at 9:15 am because I know it takes me forever to get ready.

After calling my other friend to wake up (she was going to drive me and the invited friend there) I ended up wearing a striped navy top with a navy hijab (my latest hijab find :P) an offwhite vest over the navy top, dark wash jeans and silver flats (to match my silver earrings :DD)

At around 11:30 we had all gathered at the restaurant.

I know, I know, who eats lunch at 11?!

But we were on a tight schedule (it had to end by 3 since the first friend had to go to a wedding)

The waitress probably thought we were 21 or something.. (or at least old enough to drink) and told us about the beer specials...

It was awkward.

But me and my friend ordered strawberry daiquiris.


VIRGIN Strawberry Daiquiris (You guys should know me better than that hehe)

It was basically a strawberry smoothie.. interesting.


After lunch, we headed out to Golfland and played mini-golf!

It was an intense 18 holes, but I ended up being in 2nd place.

~Oh yeah, I matched my golfball to my hijab!~

Anyway, if you notice my right sleeve is a bit up... it's because I had just fished out my ball from the water. (And I generally hate pictures of myself :P Especially when I'm caught unawares!)

Epic fail.

[After after noon]

So then, after most of my friends left home since it was 'over', me and my friend who drove me there waited with another friend who's parents were coming in an hour.


We spent that time at the arcade, and then drove to the mall across the street... where we hung out at Borders for the next half hour.

Overall a great day! :D

Even though Prom was at night. I would have liked this anti-prom party to start at around 6 and then we could've gone out and watched a movie... but overall, with what time we had, it was pretty kick-butt :D

(Now about Senior Ball.. I know it's in a year and I have PLENTY of time to consider or reconsider but I think I'd want to go to that. Too bad my Dad won't let me)


NeverEver said...

honestly... prom/senior ball... REALLY not that great. just a bunch of smelly sweaty people grinding on each other to loud music. gross.

also, pardon the graphic-ness of the comment, but there is just no other way to get the point across.

Muslim&Proud said...

hello! honestly i didn't enjoy any of the proms i went to except one, where we sat at the table playing "hockey" with the candle holders, and lets face it, you can do that anywhere. i'm glad you had fun though :)

Shahirah Elaiza said...

So this is what anti-prom is all about....... COOL! lol

Glad you girls had an awesome time.

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