Friday, April 16, 2010

It's a Quarter after One I'm all alone and I need you now ♫

Okay, so it's actually 5:43 pm, and I'm just home alone.

Today, Friday, April 16th, 2010, my family decided to have a little 'trip' up to UCD to pick up my brother.

But it's a school day.

My younger brother and sister were more than delighted to skip half a day (even though I don't think it's a good idea)

However, I didn't want to have to do an essay on another day or miss a lesson of math (I hate math. But I need to get a good grade)

So I went to school.

I know, how lame of me.

BUT there was also an extra credit movie for English that I needed to watch. You don't know how precious those extra 15 points are to me and my grade (Which is an A- at the moment T____T)

I just got back 25 minutes ago so VIVE LA WEEKEND! :DDD

I promise to post more in the next two weeks but not on the third week from now.

Because that's AP testing week....

awww yeahhhhhh

So I need to get my study on as well. (awww yeaahh.. okay I'll stop doing that)

I miss you guys! Blogging has just been put on hold for the past two weeks because of school.


Oh and completely off topic: DRAMA (not the theatrical kind)

Okay so this is just a short tangent about high school drama at the moment.

Tomorrow, me and my friends are going to be having our 'anti-prom' (instead of spending over 100 dollars for Junior Prom -which I can't go to anyway due to parents- and the overall lameness of prom, we're having our own alternative!)

We'll be going to a restaurant, then mini-golfing (fun times!) :D


It's also a slash event for one of my friend's birthday. Keep this in mind.

During spring break, while studying with another friend -who is not part of my usual group of friends- I happened to mention anti-prom and she asked if she could come.

I said yes.

THEN, when I informed my cohorts this week after waiting a week (more like forgetting), turns out the birthday gal DISLIKES my study buddy. And will not be on speaking terms during the shindig.

And another things is that study buddy isn't really friends with my friends and it'll be an overall awkward time since I'll have to be a mediator.

I've thought about cancelling, but we've planned this for so long that it would be nonsensical to do so...

I mean, you can only have ANTI-PROM on the DAY OF Prom!

So we're just going to go ahead with the plans and me and my other friend will try to lessen the awkwardness...

-sigh- If only we could all just get over our grudges.

Um yeah, I think my drama bit is much more longer than my overall update.


Anywho, give me advice in the comments S'IL VOUS PLAIT!


Shahirah Elaiza said...

LOL. Sorry to say this but that's just so typical of girls. Guys just beat each other up and get over it =P

Oh and definitely go ahead with the anti-prom! Hope you girls have a blast =D

My Getaway said...

Yeah I didn't go to prom but didn't really do anti-prom either lol.

About the drama, I have been in similar situations. All you can do is hope things go smoothly. Good luck!

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