Tuesday, May 25, 2010

So tired you can't get back up

I'm exhausted.

Mentally, Physically and emotionally.

Seriously, Junior Year is kicking my butt. And I only have less than two weeks left.

But to get to my beautiful summer vacation (which won't be so relaxing as I plan to hopefully take a summer class and get a job) I have to go through an obstacle course.

Why do all teachers think it's 'fun' when they assign multiple projects at once?

And SATs are coming up again and I need to retake them. I haven't had time to study for them because of the workload.

Actually, I'm not even supposed to be blogging right now, I haven't started on any of my hw it's nearly 10 pm and my video project for history is being stupid.


SATs are in less than a week.

Honestly, I understand why people say Junior year is burnout year. Way too many situations and problems (in addition to academics) and hopefully I won't break down or something.

On the BRIGHT SIDE: I'm running for class officers for my senior class.

Me and a friend were going to for ASB (Associated Student Body) but someone accidentally 'lied' and told us you had to be apart of leadership for a year to join.

Let's just say I'm not voting for her.

So now I'm going for Senator as a class officer. I know not so high up but it's an easy win and I don't think I'd make it as President (it's always a popularity contest!)

Yeah, I'm going to go cry now in that corner over there -points-

And maybe after school ends, I'll stop talking about it so much.


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Falling Up said...

Ahhh high school. It feels like ages since I graduated. It was fun, though. Enjoy it :) and good luck with everything.

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