Friday, May 14, 2010

Back from the dead

So yeah.

AP testing is ovaaaaaaaaa ( :{D yay! <-- that's a smiley face with a mustache by the way)

But three classes assigned projects


But hey! I'll be posting again :D

So.... stick around peeps, I'm not done blogging yet!

~Taken from we heart it~


Anonymous said...
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muslimah93 said...

lol my friend's ap testing is done tooo. she was like im free till next year! congrats btw! how did they goo? andd dude, the writing on ur blog is really hard to see! lol. =P

ModestJustice said...

RE4everlyrical: :D Don't you feel so free?! And I completely understand. Reviewing for the APUSH test was so tedious -.- But hey woot for being done!

muslimah93: Hehe, so true, there's still next year x.x Thanks :D They were actually pretty easy thanks to the massive studying so I hope I get at least a 4 on each. And I'll try to make the font bigger (?) if it helps! Thanks for pointing it out :D

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