Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Seven things I hate about You

March 2nd, 2010

(Oh MY! Time really does fly by! I have my SATs on March 13th, T__T)

Okay, no it's really a seven things about moi ;D

I was tagged by Wrestling with Religion and I'm flattered, so I might as well get to it!

I shall also strive to keep it short and simple, heh (I'm sure you guys are used to my understatements these days >.>)

1) I'm a junior in High School. There. I said it. The mystique of my background and what not is basically over by now. I didn't normally talk about my background or age because most people in my real life do not know about my blog, but I'm pretty sure they won't find out (I mean you guys don't even know my real name ... except for like 5 of ya'll.. or less...)

2) I love music. -waits for rocks to be thrown- Okay, yeah. I love music. I love singing. Those are pretty much things I won't give up (Define music in whatever way you will) because, if I may say so, I'm pretty good at it. I'm even humming a song from Yuna at the moment ('These Streets' is my favorite song at the moment )

3) The intersection of Race and Gender is a topic I'm wholly interested in and discussions of religion/philosophy is something I could probably spend hours on (overstatement). Maybe that's why I love lurking on Wrestling with Religion, Racialicious and MuslimahMediaWatch. Although I may have no idea what I want to be when I grow up, I know what classes I definitely want to take in college. [Hint: Bowling is not one of them]

4) I'm a pretty lazy person. Even if I sleep at 9 pm, I'll probably wake up around 9 am, twelve hours later. I just love sleep. I was born sleeping! (No, seriously, the doctors probably thought I was dead, that's how silent I was)

5) I'm a people watcher. I love looking out for the minute details in people's expressions and the way they interact with one another (... and to your left we see the caged specimens... just kidding) I don't eavesdrop, just look... if that makes sense

6)I actually forgot how I first began to blog. I think I was googling something about hijabis and found Beautiful Muslimah (now defunct) and then saw Hegab Rehab.... so I made a blog to follow them. Then gradually made my own. I mean, I've technically had this since my Sophomore year and looking back at old posts... I see plenty of growth (which is a good thing!) My views have changed, my beliefs slightly altered, but I'm a work in progress. It's a never ending journey for knowledge and discovering myself, and maybe, just maybe, this blog can reflect that. [This isn't really anything new about me.. or is it? I still think its valid!]

7) GAH. I hate the last of these 'About Me' things. Because I always run out of things to say. Well, what else do you people want to know? OOH. I'm a chatty person.. sort of. Blame my parents. I mean, when I was younger, you literally had to push me to say hi to people. But now I can make small talk to anyone, even the school nurse. I guess its from all those years watching my mom and dad talk with cashiers, delivery men and women, neighbors, managers, random man at a drive-in, e.t.c You get the point.

And now it is 9:52 pm, I've finished all of my homework, and I should probably get to sleep. I've gotten the book 'Women and Gender in Islam' by Leila Ahmed and will commence reading it!

[[Oh and that whole 'World is going to end thing' from the previous post? I assume you're all familiar with the 8.8 quake in Chile, the potential shifting of the axis on Earth, and the middle school shooting that happened last week? If not, I refer you all to Professor Google, he's also a part-time Shaykh! :D]]

[[P.P.S Don't forget. You can still enter to win $5000 from LuShae Jewelry! Its still up! Heck, even I entered, its that good :D]]


Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Alysha said...

Hehe great post, sis! And don't worry - no rock throwing here cos I'm a little bit of a music lover myself. I love to belt out a tune in the car (current playlist 'A Very Potter Musical'!).

Btw, I've tagged you for another blog award cos you're so awesome. Go check it out on my blog.

ModestJustice said...

Anon: Good day to you too!

Alysha: Thanks :D
And yay for music! LOL @ A Very Potter Musical, I'm so googling that right now :)

And thanks! I'll go check it out ^_^

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