Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hell Week

February 27th, 2010

[Long rant/overview of week]

...Yeah. My faith in humanity is pretty much gone :)

I think I went crazy, so the smiley face is there for a reason.

This week has been hell -hence the title-

I mean, right after Winter Break (which I cherished... oh .so. much), I had all of these projects and essays and tests.


So I've been sleep deprived. Meaning lack of internet usage (besides for 'academic' reasons) and lack of posts.

I'd say sorry, but I think my school should. They're the ones slowly killing me.

Luckily, I made it through the week (ta- Da!)

oh, you want to know what was actually keeping me up?

Welllll, mainly Science Fair .

And FANTASTICKS practice(it stands for something, but essentially Battle of the Classes)

and Digital Connectors (that afterschool community service thingy)

Interviewing for a position on E.A.C (Environmental Action Club) and recycling with them on wednesday

Actual Life (or lack of, since I have homework)


So due to material complications (the first I tried to order my Dissolved Oxygen Water Meter, I didn't realize I was buying the case for it -no wonder it was so cheap- and after two weeks of waiting for it, we found out ._. It's actually 500 dollars -basically all of the funds FOR my class to do their projects- and it came yesterday.... the science fair was today)

I had to use an inadequate meter (no idea how it worked, so maybe my data is a tad off) and I was only left with three days to do my project (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday)

Stayed up until midnight to finish my presentation board on tuesday and had an hour to do all other homework (5 hours of sleep)

Today was sciencepalooza, and I didn't win anything (I don't mind) but HEY, now I don't have to do Second semester finals for Physio!

And that's all that matters ;)

Next, I had a big College Night for Digital Connectors, so I had to go there around 4:30 and practice with my partner -we were doing a presentation on Financial Aid- until Thursday which was college night. (Which, thankfully, the practice payed off)

OH and FANTASTICK practices were Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30 -4:30, so I'd have to come home and get ready real quick

I had an APUSH quiz yesterday which I stayed up for and a Physiology test, but my Physio teacher was sick so the class was super angry. We studied all night for a chapter we hadn't even learned (just taking stupid notes)!

And I had my EAC interview yesterday (insha'Allah, I'll become Events Commissioner!)

So yeah.. all's well that ends well. I arrived from Sciencepalooza today around 1 o'clock and I am tired as hell.

-shakes fist- I better get into my college of choice for this AND get into NHS D<

(Next week, I have even more stuff to do :D Plus a UC Berkley Campus tour! HOORAH!)

Current Events:
8.8 Earthquake in Chile, with a huge aftershock
Tsunami warnings in the Pacific (including California)
How the world is ending :D
I'll discuss this all in another post in about an hour, for now, I'm going to go sleep.

Toodles :)


Dubai Bride said...

Bloody hell, you Americans really go for your extra curricular activities!!! Just kidding..keep it up. It's all gonna pay off one day.

tasmia said...

i'm thinking about making a blog...i'm a senior and you seem a lot like me haha...i saw the apush and physio comments and you're really funny! maybe i'll make a blog :)

ModestJustice said...

Dubai Bride: I know @.@ Sometimes I wonder why I even bother, lol
But thankfully this week is definitely less... hectic :D

Tasmia: Go for it! Blogs are fun way to express yourself and get to know really awesome people. And hey, great minds think alike :D

Tas said...

haha yea i actually just made one with random RANDOM posts, hopefully it works out...! :)

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