Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day/ Driving School/ Fiqh of Love & no voice

February 12th, 2010

Hey people!
Today was a half day at school since it is going to be winter break so I got out of school at 11:55 am (lol yes 55! not just Noon)

Me and my amigos went to the mall to watch "Valentine's Day"

Of course I was just expecting another FAIL plot/romcom

and I got it.

The only good part was seeing Taylor Lautner! ( :'D)

Would I recommend anyone to see it?

Hell no. It sucked that bad.

Just watch it online if you're dying for some celebrity action


After the mall, I came home and finally decided to sign up (read: PAY) for driving school online. That way I can:

+ Get the pink/white/yellow/blue -depending on who you ask- slip so I can
+Take (PAY) my permit test, then
+Practice (PAY) for a minimum of six hours with a driving instructor and wait for
+6 months to
+Take (PAY) for my driver's test

And hopefully, I'll pass first time

I'm not holding my breath.

So far I've done two sections that were around 13- 16 pages of reading each and passed the quizzes at the end.

Two more sections to go .___.


I didn't expect to go anywhere since my Dad had airport today (he's a taxi cab driver -whom I am PROUD to call my father- and every other day is his turn at the airport; you can make the most money there so every cab gets a fair chance)

But my older brother was coming down from UCD today and my uncle picked him up. When he dropped him off, he asked if I wanted to go the masjid for the 'Fiqh of Love' program.

It's an Al-maghrib class that costs $135 dollars for an intense 10 am to 8 pm classes from Saturday and Sunday. Today was a free preview day.

There was much buzz about the program and I know plenty of my friends had signed up, so I agreed to go last minute even though I was an hour late.

The agreement for my uncle taking me was that I had to sleep over at my aunt's house (they are my mother's siblings) so I threw on an abaya over my pajamas and threw a toothbrush in my bag.

Ready to go!

When I got the masjid (and finally spotting my friends in a sea of hijabis... you know, we all look alike from behind!) I seriously have to say the topic was ...

beyond BORING.

Maybe it might've been livelier early on during the 2 hour program (I doubt it)

But the speaker was just speaking -duh- about the jealous surrounding the Prophet's wives and about them individually (maybe, I missed a HUGE part of the lecture)

I didn't know the Prophet had 10 wives (and one concubine, though there's a difference of opinion)

So at around 10, my uncle dropped me off here, at my Aunt's house, where I am proceeding to spend the night.

And I've lost my voice partially since Wednesday.

It was at its worst yesterday, thursday, but now it's down to a husky-ness?

UGH. It sucks because I can't speak clearly and I can't yell.

Imagine falling behind a group of friends and you can't yell at them to wait

They get farther, and farther... while you are forced to walk fast or jog through a crowd.


Anyway, hopefully this cold/allergy/funkystuff goes away soon!

And in time for SAD, HAPPY SAD! (on sunday.. not today)

So yeah, that's my crazy day. Wait until TOMORROW.


Nevin said...

awesome post.
you should make more of these :D

but =O i really wanna watch valentines day! i thought its gonna be awesomeeee. oh well, only way i can find out is watch it myself.

and about driving, its super fun! :D congrats and goodluck!

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

omg i thought it was funi wen people lost their voice until it happened to me , and i like talking and not being able to talk was like the biggest punishment ever ;P, i also thought hayfever was funi until it happened to me ill stop finding random sick things funi, i missed you and your blog,i hope you alright i read everything and im too lazy to comment, i thought the prophet had 9 wives i think at different times right? and i hate beyond hate the word concubine :S
take care of urself

GTFrenzy said...

I really wanted to see valentine's day on tuesday (cause I'm cheap like that lol) ... but I guess I'll be watching it online since so many people are saying it's a waste of money :'(

I hope you get your voice back inshAllah. Drink lots of honey to heal your throat. Just add it to your tea like I do, I hope it works for you.

Keep up with your driving school, it will all be worth it in the end inshAllah.

Shahirah Elaiza said...

Valentine's Day was that bad huh? Well I'll take your word for it and just watch it online cos I hate feeling disappointed after watching a much fussed over movie lol.

ModestJustice said...

Nevin: I should huh? LOL I keep looking at past posts and thinking "Why so serious?" :D
And not all opinions are the same, so go ahead and watch it ^_^ Perhaps you'll enjoy it!
And thanks on the driving part ._.; hopefully!

Naz: LOL Same here! I missed talking, but it was kind of a wake up call to how much I talk, lol
Me too! I always think being sick is fun until it actual happens to me... maybe I just like the missing school part. Umm, where have you been? I missed you too habibti! I'm glad you're making more posts :D (don't worry, I get really lazy in commenting too heh)

GTFrenzy: Hey, if you still wanted to go ahead :D LOL But I just suggested seeing it online, since I'm cheap like that too haha I tried drinking honey with tea, alhamdulillah, I gradually got my voice back :D Thank you :]

Shahirah: That was my anger speaking during that part of the post -at wasting 8 bucks- lol
Saves you money! :D

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