Thursday, February 18, 2010

I think I've just lost a little bit of faith in humanity

February 18th, 2010

Are you serious?


You're (the media) telling me, that a psycho who crashed his plane into a federal building is

NOT a terrorist? That he was totally justified in committing this treacherous act?

Or that it was just a 'suicide' attempt by a 'disgruntled engineer' ?


I can distinctly remember the words used towards the same 'disgruntled psychiatrist' who shot up the Fort Hood military base, a couple months back.

"Muslim" "ties to Al-Qaeda" "Jihad"

And here we have news networks tip toeing around using the word 'terrorist' against one of their own.

Using neutral descriptions so as not to reveal his 'background' (White, Male)

Kind of like last Friday's school shootings, right? (Even that article is ridiculous, pressures on tenure process? That woman was CRAZY! She KILLED her brother 20 years ago!)

... you know, I actually have no words for the anger I feel inside (not angry enough to go shooting up places however, because I'd automatically be linked with terrorist groups because ya know, of my own background -snark-)

Just think for a moment if these two recent incidents of violence (Premeditated! Not Random!) were committed by a minority or a muslim (or a Muslim who is a minority! GASP)

How much news coverage do you think would be happening? How much speculation on their background and dubious ties would be made?

This, folks, is why I'm starting to think the world is inherently unjust.

With such privilege keeping people from being seen as the horrible murderers they are and letting them possibly get away with it ( "But he/she was such a NICE guy/girl)

And the same privilege making automatic suspicions against myself and my people (PoCs, Muslims), why even bother doing good? (or believing in good)

Peace out,
Modest Justice (rethinking the justice in this country)

[Author's Note: I'm not depressed at how fucked up this country is, (excuse my language) or even how this world is. Just doing a large -facepalm- for the media seeing as how once again, by leaving out certain details and painting a totally different picture of events, it only reinforces certain stereotypes against a people when said people aren't even present.
Don't worry about my mental health readers, lol, it's all good]


Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

humanity sucks im sorry to say America is the incarnation of the devil so is Israel actually all the political leaders of the world should just be gathered up and thrown into a hole, besides like a very small few

Anonymous said...

Not all media outlets are being so "politically correct". Many people in the media are saying he was a tea party terrorist. just so you know :)

GTFrenzy said...

Oh then power of white privilage, you can get away with anything ... or atleast get a better deal than 'minorities'! I gave up watching news and reading newspaper! Their all the same garbage. Anything I know is what I've read online over at AP or al Jazeera, and even then I don't trust them.

This type of 'news' will never change. As longs as those who own the news angencies & the mass media (rich white men) keep playing the same card just calling it another name.

Minorities= inherently bad, quilty until proven quilty
white folks= a few bad apples, innocent/insane until proven quilty/sane.

Great post! inshAllah I'm going to blog about this issue.

Deaf Indian Muslim Anarchist! said...

AGREED!!!! That man was a DOMESTIC TERRORIST and nothing else. i love how Yahoo and CNN are calling him a "tax protester." My ASS.

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

I am feeling the same frustration. The media is such a mess and the general public is so misinformed. I'm glad that we at least have blogs and other outlets to discuss things that are being avoided by the mainstream media.

NoortheNinjabi said...

I've read a couple of articles like that. How is that not the definition of domestic terrorism?!?! *sigh*

Nevin said...

bloody oath.
so true.

the media here in Australia is horrible.

Adib said...

All they had to do was replace the word "man" with terrorist. Haha, I wonder if people would be scared of engineers if that were to happen.

FeministMuslima said...

Assalamu Alaikum,sis I told my brother that last night when we saw that on the news. Of course not, he isn't Arab or a Muslim, so he can't be a terrorist. Why isn't he a terrorist? Its another 9/11, but no one say anything. Why isn't Whites getting stereotypes as terrorists because of this? Its because the media made up its mind into who to blame for terrorist acts. I'm upset and I'm mad. Why not give Muslims respect? Why not give us a shot? We aren't ALL Terrorists, WALLAHI!

Wrestling With Religion said...

You're right, that is shocking reporting.

"However, federal officials also noted that the pilot may have crashed the plane intentionally in a suicidal move."

Uh... ya think?! Given that he left an anti-government note on the internet and set fire to his own house, this seems to be a gross understatement!

I like British media:

It's more direct about it but it does still quote the White House as saying that it wasn't an act of terrorism. Although arguably it is just making the White House look silly by quoting that. :)

I completely agree that it's wrong that the word terrorism is only used for violence in the name of religion. This WAS terrorism even if there was no wider organisation behind it.

Angry said...

He can't be a terrorist, he's white. And of course, his religious beliefs having nothing to do with it. But when a Muslim or Middle Easterner does the same, he is immediately a terrorist and his religious beliefs are blamed.

Banana Anne said...

Astaghfirullah. What has this world come to? This is what we like to call in the inner city a "hot mess".

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

I have long lost faith in Humanity. The state of the latter is beyond repair.

A'qilah Saiere

Wrestling With Religion said...

Here's an interesting article by a lawyer/author discussing this issue of the use of the word terrorism. He links to a couple of other people in the media saying similar things. Thought it might make you feel a bit better. :) At least there are some thinking people out there - they just need to be heard more!

Constructive Attitude said...

its extremely hypocritical and just goes to show you the double standard.

Candice said...

Very frustrating for sure... Same happens in the media here over just any tiny thing a Muslim might do. Ridiculous. And again, just FRUSTRATING!

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