Friday, January 15, 2010

Today was a good day

(This post is from January 15th, 2009)

I'm back!

from the graveeeee!


Today was the day of my LAST final!


And because I only had one final, I got out 2 hrs later at 10 am :D

I arrived home around 10:30 and was mesmerized by the television for an hour (Big Mama 2 was on :P)

When my Dad came home I had to get ready for an award ceremony.

I hadn't mentioned it at all on this blog, -no idea why, must've slipped my mind-, but I had won 1st place at my school for a MLK Jr Contest.

There were three types of entries; Writing, Art and Multimedia.

It all had to incorporate or be about, this quote from MLK:

"The moral arc of the universe is long, but it bends towards justice."

Honestly, this was extra credit for my English class (15 pts!) so I spent only an hour writing the essay, the night before it was due.

A month later I got a call saying I had won first place. -le gasp-

That was pretty amazing, and I'm glad I won (however, the person who won District for writing - I won 1st only at my school- wrote a MUCH better piece)

I spent last night, thursday, preparing for what to wear.
(Thanks so much to Aifa from aifasuitcase , she did a request on looklet for me.. yes I actually stressed on what I was going to wear in-between studying :P... I went with the first looklet outfit but instead of a black dress it was grey!)

Oh and something that you should always keep handy?

Lint Remover.

You'll never know how much you need it until it's the last minute and there's fuzzy stuff all over your black slacks.

Dang it.

We arrived at 1:00pm, it was the exhibition of the first place essays and art. I found mine and was extremely excited.

(If you're wondering where the rest of my family was, keep in mind it was a friday afternoon, my siblings were all at school and my mom at work. My dad took the day off :D)

Unfortunately, the heels -wedges?- I bought were a 9w (w apparently stands for wide -.-) and they were open-toed so I had to cling to the front of the shoes with my silver lacquered toes, making my heels dangerously close to popping out of the shoe.

-sigh- I'm going to have to return those later.

I was so nervous of tripping out my shoes when we had to cross the stage, but thankfully I only ended up looking like a hunchback, shuffling my feet across the stage and shaking hands with the Coordinators or something.

But this wasn't even the beginning of my day.

As another gift for our 'exemplary work', me and the other recipients got 3 tickets each for tonight's Harlem Globetrotter's game.

Although I have 6 other people in my family (that includes myself), it would be enough for my older brother, younger sister and Dad to go. (My mom doesn't mind, and my younger brother gets the Xbox 360 to himself)

What about me you ask?

Well ya see, this program that I'm part of where I live (Digital Connectors, volunteering in the community and 'bridging the gap between technology and people' -sounds like I'm reading it off the handbook-) also got me and the other members tickets to tonight's Harlem Globetrotters game.

Coincidence? I think not.

I was looking forward to this for week's and after eating out with my dad (and encountering a semi-senile old lady, but that's another story) I got home around 5 and changed out of my formal wear.

We had to leave around 6 pm. (well me and the other 'Digital Connectors, the game didn't start until 7:30 and my older brother comes back from UC Davis at around 6:30 by train; all according to plan :D)

The tickets for DC -digital connectors-, were for one of those cool V.I.P rooms with the box and couches. We sat a bit above the regular stadium -cough- commoners -cough- but still had a great view :D

But the tickets my family had were the commoner seats. I saw them from my throne seat.

(And yes, I cracked that commoner joke all evening)

It ended at around 10 pm (Ha! My day started at 10 and ended at 10 funny.)

I got autographs with the team and some pictures!

All in all, it was an extremely fun/busy/important/crazy day.

And if this post doesn't make any sense... blame it on the sugar and that fact that's 11:30 while I write this...

I might post this later. Toodles!


Anonymous said...

hey 7abibti... long time walal, how r u?

i should start with: assalamu aleikum, and then... i missed u ;)

not so much, since i regularly read ur funny (sometime eye-opening, mostly funny though) posts... i gotta keep tabs on my lil sis, don't i?

inshaAllah ur finals go ok... and u get the best grades, just like with the MLKjr essay :) sending du'aas your way... xoxo

ModestJustice said...

Sukkar!! I'm good, long time no post on your blog!
Wa alaikum salam abayo, my finals were good alhamdulillah, and now you better get back to posting regularly
Or I'll spam weekly on your blog, haha!

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