Monday, January 11, 2010

Grr to this week, GRR

January 11, 2010

This week is finals week!

-crickets chirping-

Yeah, I don't have much enthusiasm either.


I have my 1st period final, AP U.S History tomorrow (2 hours stuck in a classroom -.-)

then my 2nd period Physiology and 3rd period French is on Wednesday

4th period Ap English and 5th period Drama (we're doing a skit) on Thursday

And HORRIBLE MATH ANALYSIS ON FRIDAY T______T <-- that's a sad face

Due to the stupidness of this week, I shall be off blogger, studying late into the night and generally losing my mind :P

And uhh, I should be studying right now. It's nearly 7 pm and I haven't studied yet.

See, if I had learned how to make time move slowly, I could be wasting time and still get my work done.


Maybe the squirrels will take me in again.


Maryam said...

You guys don't have winter break? We are just starting school this week.

Just put all distractions aside for one week, study your tail off, so you can relax afterwards.

Good luck with your exams! You can do it =)

gettinghijabi said...

I've been procrastinating on my finals studying like crazy. I have a Spanish final tomorrow and i haven't looked at my notes or book yet. :\

ModestJustice said...

Thanks you guys :DDDD

I did great on my finals! Thanks to all of your well wishes :D

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