Friday, January 1, 2010

Ringing in the New Year

Yea, kind of cliched.

But I hope all of you lovely folks had a good time with some loved ones, or fell asleep long before it reached midnight.

I spent the New Years at home, finishing up schoolwork (woo, wild right?)
and reading Jane Eyre (one more chapter left!)

As it is now the New Year, let's take a walk down memory lane through this past decade. Granted, I haven't been on this earth long and it's my first decade that I actually remember, but hey, it's still been eventful (at least what I thought was eventful).

Aunt's wedding, flower girl (I kid you not, this is about as eventful as that year gets)

- 9/11, being a little kid, I though the entire thing was an accident or some sick joke.


- Went on the Drop Zone for the first time and loved it forever! (Why is this significant? Well my brother was too scared until he was fifteen. Case closed)

Went to Atlanta, Georgia for a wedding (Flower girl? I was an old flower girl)

-Another Aunt's Wedding (Too old for flower girl, too young to be a bridesmaid)

Was super surprised by a cousin's visit and Aunt from 2004 had baby shower

Went to Minnesota for... yea another wedding (I was a guest this time)
-Became Vegetarian

Does Disneyland count? It counts for me. Last time I went was in 1997
-Started Wearing Hijab
-Parents made me stop being a vegetarian

Interned at City Hall for the Summer (Very tedious, but it looks good on apps :P)
-Started my blog (woot)

Won a college scholarship (which I don't get till I apply for schools -.-)
-Became a vegetarian (I'm old enough now!)
-Was held against my will and given the H1N1 vaccine (my mom shot death glares at me, I had to acquiesce! D:)

And umm, yea.

Jeez, looking back, this is basically my 'growing up' decade (extremely uneventful compared to people much older than me.

But I have fond memories of those times :D

Only I shall know how cute I looked in each of flowergirl/entourage dresses!!

And looking at this past year of the blog, things have really shot up! With 145 posts and 108 followers, there is just so much room for me to grow and learn and yadda yadda yadda, 'find myself through the blog' and 'reach my full potential.'

Like one of those 'banned words' this is truly a teachable moment. That through strength and perseverance, you too, can be as cool as I.



But the scary part is that the next decade holds multiple graduations and maybe even marriage ._.;

I'm getting old.

[P.S Maybe I should do a list of things I wish to achieve in this new decade... maybe not, the list will go on seeing as how I'll be in my mid-20s by the time this next decade rounds out... content yourselves with what I've written already!]

(P.P.S What did YOU do this New Years Eve? If celebrated it at all?)


Amira said...
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Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

AWW i love this post and hw u remebered important things from each year, wat a good memory u have i dnt remember everythng i did sicne 2000 lol a decade from nw ill be soo old god, thts scary, what i did on new years is on my blog glad 2 see hw urs was
hapi new year

Wrestling With Religion said...

You are so not getting old!
I spent it reading and watching TV. My husband was out working until nearly midnight but at least he was back in time to see the fireworks on TV.

Wrestling With Religion said...

Happy New Year, by the way!

ModestJustice said...

Naz: Haha, I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting A LOT of things lmao. I had to ask my siblings for some of these (which is sad seeing as how it still isn't much)

Sarah: Okay, maybe not 'Old' but definitely older! :D A nice, quiet New Years is what I prefer than a noisy party somewhere downtown :P
Happy New Year to you too :D
(I used many smiley faces in that short paragraph)

Constructive Attitude said...

haha. how many times were u flowergirl?

Happy New Year btw :) :)

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