Sunday, December 6, 2009


Dude, that's awesome.

100 followers in a year. I feel accomplished. (not that I don't have a life -cough- >.>)

But wow! Thanks
Never Ever for being my 100th follower! You're amazing and so is everyone else who's had the patience to deal with my often mindless ramblings.

As I look now to many of my past posts, I cringe at the naivete I expressed and see how young I really am.

I don't know all the answers (hopefully I don't pretend to) and whatever good/enjoyment you readers get from this blog is all from Allah swt!

So, again, thanks for joining me on my never(ever -hehe!) ending journey of life and hopefully this blog will keep on rocking 'till my second Anniversary!

(P.S Have I gotten serious? In total clash with the pinkness of my blog?)


Alysha said...

Yay, congrats girl! Oh, and just wondering - did you get my little package?

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

haye ka warran? boqol qof oo ku racayaan :-)

Qof caan ah ayaad tahay!

Candice said...

Congrats! BTW, I am not officially a follower because I don't use that, so you have at the very least 101 people who follow your blog!!

ModestJustice said...

Alysha: Yes! I need to snap a photo and post on here! IT'S AMAZING! I totally forgot it was two separate ones, but they both look gorgeous; Thank you so much!!

Stacy: Afiimaad! S'ka warran adeega? Wa maahadsantay (muwahaha! I can feel my language senses tingling)

Candice: Thanks and yay! 101, lucky odd number :D

sultani said...

Add me too. I do not miss u. Greatie. So you have at least 102 followers.....

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