Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's that time of the year again!

Parties! :D
Finally, some excitement in between the monotonous events of school

(Not including the football game I attended last night, against our 'rival' school, even though they completely suck at football, hence our crushing win of 34-6)
A friend of mine (oh yes, I happen to go to stranger's parties, so the 'friend' part is totally a clarification between the parties' of people I know, and the random hobos who invite me)is having a PARTAY (emphasis on the party) and this time, I won't show up looking like a dork.

Or one of those missionaries who knock on your door, asking to save you.

Last year, I was invited to her party and she had called to ask that I dress 'preferably in a skirt.' Thinking there'd be male relatives over there (wouldn't be much of a party now would it? Well, it was a "birthday party") I arrived in a plain skirt and a khaki top, it's only embellishment was a metal piece in the middle.

Rather shnazzy (or grandmotherly) if I do say so myself eh?

Turns out I was dead wrong. In front of me where about a dozen pakistani (I had to point their ethnicity out because not only was I the one who was not of that nationality or of south east asian descent but it's significant to the latter part of this anecdote) girls running around in gorgeous salwar kameez, their LONG hair flapping in the .. uh.. wind?

They had makeup out, music pumping and I could smell hair burning.

Picture me standing there in my dowdy looking white hijab, khaki top and jean skirt. Oh, what a sight for sore eyes (or not.)

Apparently, there wasn't a guy in sight, and it was actually a 'get-dressed-up' party. This instance where I dress up like I'm ready to gather round a fireplace and sing nasheed songs while reflecting on hadiths has actually happened twice.

Both times- like this instance- it's really 'dress-like-you're-going-clubbing-but-not-really-because-we're-muslims' kind of thing.

My friend laughed at the whole misunderstanding and let me borrow one of her salwar kameez :D

Copy this without my permission and I'll send RABID MONKEY-SQUIRRELS ON YOU!

I gotta say I looked pretty gorgeous for a head that's replaced with a big MODESTJUSTICE sign :]]

But this time I won't be so oblivious!

Muwahahahahahahahahhahahha! *cough*

I'm going prepared ladies :D

So I will definitely be going shopping this week for a dress!

Because the only dress I have that's for ...well, dressing up, is this one dress I wore for my cousin's wedding and that also doubled up as my middle school graduation dress.
I'm not a dressing up kind of gal... at least, I haven't gotten the excuse to :D

So off to bargins and sales racks to pick out a gorgeous dress because who said you have to spend a wad of cash to look glam?

Beautiful, non?

*Okay so I really don't go to hobo parties.. they never invite me :(*


xoxo, nadia said...

Hahaha, funny story! Hope you find a gorgeous dress and have fun at that party (:

Anonymous said...

why don't you do what i do in those instances and come out wearing a brash and proud spanking of somali dirac (and shalmad, and googarad) and walk around like u own the place?

trust me, works for me everytime!

good luck, and tell me all the gossip when u come back :)

Mina said...

Oh i love your green outit...have fun at the party, let us know how it went.

ModestJustice said...

xoxo nadia: Thanks! :D

Sukkar&filfil: Naya you know I would! lol Shoot, I should ;D

Mina: LOL that was just one I found, I actually got a cute RED one! :D And thank you, insha'Allah I will :]

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