Monday, November 17, 2008

Before you dig in to that turkey...

Don't worry its not a "vegan threat" I'm sending, heck, the turkey isn't even part of the subject.
The deal is with the entire holiday in general.
It's basically the celebration of genocide!And no one wants to celebrate the systematic slaughtering of an ethnic group right? I mean first off, for us muslims, we have already been given our two holidays, the two "Eids" and indulging in gluttony while our brothers and sisters around the world are starving isn't a proper way to give 'thanks'. Why would one want to spend a weekend in a food-induced coma living the american lethargic way, then to instead by thankful everyday. I know its a time to get together with family, but why only then? Why not everyday you call your grandmother halfway across the country and say alhamdulillah instead of asking where the potatoes are? It supports the greed of the puritans who had doubled in numbers since their landing and required land and lots of it! Diseases attacked the natives, weakening them and because of their good natured spirit in atleast helping out the 'Pilgrims' in settling down in America, they returned the favor by attacking them, burning their villages and nearly annihilating them.

But we can't let this dark past diminish the definition of Thanksgiving today. I can't help but twitch at the fact that Americans give thanks once a year (and maybe every other sunday) Let us muslims stick to our faith and joyously wait until Eid Al-Adha comes in and try to not purchase anything on Thanksgiving symbolizing the torture and utter usurpery of the Natives.

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